The sims 3 rewards

Atomic Grazer 4,000 yes regalo Gain the ability to graze on any type of surface.
Sometimes the voyage takes sims you.
You cannot purchase sims this reward if your sims household is full.SEA Bookshop Bargainer 10,000 rewards Cheaper books BG Change Lifetime regalo regali Wish 10,000 Can change Lifetime regalo Wish.Purchase this reward to receive the state of the art in hovering slumber satisfaction!Bottomless Pet Bowl 15,000 yes yes Give your pet a pet bowl that provides high quality regali sustenance and never needs refilling.GEN Food Replicator 50,000 Reproduces food rewards placed inside. The purchasing of tiziano this reward and tiziano the relative's demise are completely coincidental.
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Your regalo Sim is naturally great at regalie snowball and water balloon fights, have regalo the ability of a regalo world class skater and snowboarder, and proficient at building snowmen, snow angels, and igloos at an impressive regali rate.Relax into its fresh and soothing aromas.Hosting a cofanetti Sim (Venue Stops) There are two ways to Host a Sim.SHT Hover Bed 20,000 Ground-bound beds are a thing of the past.LN Simmunity 7,500 You'll have super immunity that prevents you from getting nauseous, sick, and allergies.LN Mid-Life Crisis 20,000 Can change your Traits BG Super Green Thumb 20,000 Increases Quality of grown produce by one rank.This can be remedied chivas chivas by further Cure attempts until a success is achieved, and is generally nothing more than a mild annoyance.Never Nauseous 2,500 regalo yes yes Pets become immune from getting nauseous and vomiting.The Cure option occasionally fails, instead regali inflicting a negative moodlet, such as extreme fatigue.

Hotel Moguls receive a bonus on all resort income.
The Cure option removes one to sims four negative moodlets.