Regal academy sigla

regal academy sigla

Vicky, la nipote segreta della Strega cattiva, che frequenta sotto mentite spoglie la Regal Academy.
Her grandma was once the vodafone Swan Princess and regalo she inherited her title.
After the excitement dies down, Cinderella reveals new regal armour specially prepared for Rose regalo and her friends.18 "The Shapeshifting Witch" 30 September 2018 March 25, 2018 The heroes fly to Eea Island to find Calypso, the granddaughter of Circe, who placed a curse regalare upon the LeFrog family.Astoria rejects personalizzate him as a dance partner cucina when they are ragazza on competing teams, so decathlon he partners with Alicia instead.He teaches anniversario dragon riding.Much like her granddaughter Rose, Cinderella loves shoes.Professor Beauty 28 is the art professor at Regal Academy.Like her grandmother, she is a lover of fairytales and shoes, later regalo coming to own a wand that utilises Pumpkin Magic to conjure objects.And sister of Pinocchio She is compulsive about telling the truth and distrusts anyone who lies.In Canada, it began airing on YTV on December 3, 2016. In uncinetto the second season, you will also Shawn natale "The Beast a regali new character, the cousin of Travis The Beast, and cuccioli old friend of Astoria, of which he mano is secretly in love with.
Gerald is meek, shy and polite.Locating them at cosa Regal prima Academy, she enrolls her daughter Kira under a false parentage regalare and tries regalare to take advantage of little pumpkin-made creatures accidentally comunione created by Rose to wreak havoc at the school.She and Gerald hang out regalare together.Leggi anche Testo Sigla Winx Club.Fianco a fianco insieme cosa e per sempre, regali questo è il mondo di Regal Academy.

5 "The Giant's Wife" 2 December 2017 regal December 10, 2017 Grandma Rapunzel gives Astoria the Fire Bangles, but to activate them, Astoria first needs to trust them during a journey in the giant's castle.
Rose finds out that she is the granddaughter to the headmistress Cinderella.