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He teaches chivalry and heroism, with his assignments turning into adventures for students.
25 "Rose in Wonderland" May 20, 2018 After the teachers are prezzo kidnapped by Kira and Vicky declares herself headmistress of academy Regal Academy, our hero's manage to meet Alice and get the ice key allowing access to the snow kingdom.
Cyrus chivas Broomstick 10 11 (voiced by Michael Henning regal 4 prezzo academy in the English academy version, Emanuele Russa in the Italian version) is the cousin and friend to Vicky.
Travis Beast 5 regal (voiced by Henry Benjamin 4 in the English version, Manuel Meli in the Italian version) is the grandson roma nerd of the.She is very kind, often having a motori good word for everyone.She can talk about idee a carta piece for hours and hours.Coach Beast 23 (voiced by HD Quinn 4 in the English version, Pierluigi Astore in the Italian version) is a brash gym teacher who yells at students to run lusso a thousand laps or do a thousand pushups.Broadcast edit Regal Academy premiered in Italy on Rai YoYo on May 21, 2016.He sees himself as ugly and wants to look better. Professor IronFan 29 LingLing's regalo grandmother.
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Despite Shawn reaching the altroconsumo tower first, he overhears Astoria wishing for someone she loves to marry her instead of one chosen through a contest, making him hesitate and regalo Leaf almost ringing the regalo bell first."The second season of the regalo Regal Academy on Rai YoYo: the first advances".3 altroconsumo "La fiera della magia" "The regalo Magic Fair" 30 November 2017 November 19, 2017 39 The Magic Fair is here at Regal Academy, and the most popular booth gets the highest grade.She loves apples and has prezzo lots of apple treats on her desk.With no clear victor, the competition is declared void and Astoria successfully returns to school with the help of a magic talking book in the tower letting her pass the test and accepts Shawn's regalo feelings for her.Travis, who harbours a rivalry with Shawn over who is more uomo worthy to possess the family's sacred treasure, the Beast Mask, is challenged by his grandfather to guard it for the entire duration of the ball.

Snow White teaches etiquette, teamwork, and how to use magical regal items and powers.
He specialises in art and tends has a sarcastic attitude.