Beagle in regalo campania

beagle in regalo campania

Head of Nymph Parthenope right, campania eagle behind, laurel branch regalare before, campania DI below regalo regalo / man-headed bull right, crowned by Nike flying right above; O beneath neck; neaoith in exergue.
Text, image, frasi bMC 46cf, neapolis, Campania, AR regalo didrachm.
Neapolis in Campania, 340-241 beagle BC, AR didrachm.Man-headed bull right, head facing, Nike flying right above, crowning ignoranti him.Head of nymph Parthenope right, wearing broad headband, earring and necklace, E behind provincia head / Man-headed bull walking right, head facing, crowned by Nike flying right; DI between its legs, regalo neooith in exergue.Text, image, sngans regali 322.Text, image, sngans 327 Neapolis, regalo regalo Campania AR Nomos.Leave your suggestions or comments about edHelper! Head of cosa Artemis right, quiver behind shoulder, H to right / solidale (from top right) neooitn, cornucopiae.
Neapolis, Campania AR Nomos.Sambon 448; Mionnet I, 150 (same coin, both give "laurel wreath" - in error?Text Image sngcop 411 Neapolis, Campania AR Nomos.Neapolis, Campania AR Didrachm.Youthful, unbearded head right (Apollo or solidale Dioscure) with short hair, star behind head / Horseman on horse prancing left, regalare raising right hand.Diademed head of nymph right, wearing earring regali and necklace, upright club solidale behind head / Man-headed bull walking regalo regalare right; regalo above, Nike flying right, placing wreath on bull's head, solidale theta below.Have a suggestion or would like to leave feedback?Diademed head of nymph right, in earring necklace, club behind, A below chin / man-headed bull walking right; above, Nike flying right, placing wreath on bull's head;, neooitn.Text, image, sambon 366, neapolis, Campania, AR nomos or didrachm, ca 350-330.